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I’m sure like me your all suffering from the post Christmas blues, after all the excitement and indulging the normality of life is kicking in. So this weekend is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy TV the way it used to be and who better to share your childhood memories with than your own children. ITV is giving us a full weekend of all our favourite past children’s programmes to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of CITV. We chat to Danielle Nicholls, the former face of CITV from 1998 – 2001.

How did you become a presenter?

I started my career as a singer and dancer in a pop group at age 18, but soon decided this was the wrong choice for me. I left the group and moved back home. At 19 I  saw an advert in The Stage (newspaper) for a wacky and fun person to work in children’s television, at the time I had no idea it was for CITV. I decided to apply by sending in an home made show-reel shot by my mum in my living-room. Amazingly I got picked along with Stephen Mulhern out of over 1000 applicants, and then the fun began. I am now a full time mummy to my two fabulous boys, and my beautiful daughter – who very sadly passed away last year. I am still best friends with Stephen and we always have great fun like the old days when we get to catch up.

Were you a big CITV fan as a child?

I’ve always been a massive fan of children’s television, and I still am today. Being a mum is a great excuse to sit down and watch them, with my boys of course.

What did you love most about working on CITV?

It was a dream job I was paid to watch cartoons, fool around and of course getting to hang out with best friend (Stephen) was a bonus too.

Did you get to meet any famous people?

I did get to meet a lot of famous people, I would say the most famous stars I met were Britney Spears (who I was a huge fan of), Justin Timberlake and Victoria Beckham.

Will you be watching with your children?

Definitely, yes. I already watch CITV with my children everyday, so we are looking forward to a weekend of mummy’s favourites.

Which of the weekends shows are you looking forward to watching?

As a child I loved Super Gran, I used to really look forward to watching with my real Gran. Another of my favourites was Mike and Angelo, I met Angelo a few times while I was presenting, he was a great guy. I loved Knightmare too so can’t wait to watch that.

Its great that CITV is celebrating 30 years on television, and I am very proud to have been a presenter. I met my best friend through CITV and we are still very close now so I could never forget my time there. I always remember people would ask ‘Do you think you’ll be good enough for grown up television?’ But I can’t imagine ‘grown up’ television ever being as fun as CITV was.

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Click here to see the full line up of shows for the weekend.

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