WIN Family Pass To CBeebies Land

On 24th May, Alton Towers Resort will launch the world’s first ever CBeebies Land and Mums in the Know readers have the chance to win 3 sets of family tickets! You’ll be able to try out the interactive new land which will feature children’s favourite characters and shows including Postman … [Read More...]

Jacqu’in the Box

Jacqu’in the Box Celebrates 15 Years of Successful Local Music Classes and Party Entertainment

My name is Jacqui Louise Grover. I started up music classes in 1999. I had three sons who were 4, 2 and 5 months old....they all came too! I … [Read More...]


Oh help! Oh no! The Gruffalo comes to Wendover

MITK Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring is delighted that this spring will see a new Julia Donaldson themed trail running through the … [Read More...]

Worm Slug Maggot and Leech

Support a local up and coming children’s author

Local Mum Polly Walker has recently written and illustrated a terrific children’s storybook that has been selected to take part in … More

Rosa reflexology

Your feet don’t just get tired… Reflexology with Alignment Therapies

Often overlooked, your feet can be a means to help you get healthier. Stress…  Insomnia… Migraines… Digestive Problems… Muscle … More


MITK Hemel, Berko and Tring Easter Crafts

If the weather is wet and you’re racking your brains for something to occupy the children, check out our Easter themed craft … More

From Polly with Love logo

From Polly with Love

Highly personalized and original artworks that capture life inside little treasure troves of detail and delight.  When Great Granny Daph gave Polly's three year old a doll’s house in need of some tender loving care, she threw herself into filling it with lovely little things to feed her growing … More

playdate stc

Save the Children Playdates 28 April – 2 May 2014

Playdates are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with other parents while your little ones play together and have fun. Save the Children are inviting you to hold a Playdate and raise money for children growing up in some of the toughest parts of the world. Just make, borrow or buy … More


Rainforest Cafe Review and 15% Discount Voucher

An MITK mum recently visited the Rainforest Cafe, Shaftesbury Avenue, London with their family to celebrate a birthday. You can read all about their amazing family treat here Great news for you too!!! The lovely people at Rainforest Cafe London would like to extend an offer to all Mums in the … More

Back to work confidence booster

Back To Work Confidence Booster

Those initial days and weeks at work after maternity leave can be incredibly daunting. While managers are meant to be trained in how to support that transition back, are those Mums returning to work actually offered any real support, coaching or training themselves? How different family and … More


Film review: Escape From Planet Earth

Escape from Planet Earth comes to you from Rainmaker Entertainment, this is their first attempt at a mainstream cinema release in the history of the company. It stars Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rob Corddry and William Shatner. Two brothers, Scorch and Gary, one is a hero to the aliens … More

mitk logo april 2013

Getting the most out of MITK Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring

1. Visit the website regularly and have a really good look around. It’s a mix of hyperlocal info (e.g. Events Diary, Clubs & classes, Mums in the Spotlight, Places to Go, Freebies & Offers) and national sponsors offering something special for families everywhere. 2. Like MITK … More

Teletubby house

A penny for your pocket when you go green!

We've recently moved into our new house, and as the dust has settled after Christmas and the last of the boxes have been emptied, I was blown away by the first energy bill that landed on our doormat.  I invite you now to follow me on my crusade to bring our fuel costs down and how I am making an … More

Lego Movie poster (source IMDb)

Film Review: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie comes to you from the writers and directors of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” & “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2”. It stars Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation), Will Ferrell (Anchorman & Megamind), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games), Nick Offerman (Parks and … More

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